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Preventative Dentistry

Prevention saves patients pain, discomfort, embarrassment and extensive treatment that can become very costly. Preventing gum disease, cavities, bad breath, as well as many other oral conditions is the best way to treat them.

Patients with good oral health are seen at least every 6 months, with some requiring more frequent intervals. Patients with gum disease require at least 3-4 visits per year. Routine check-ups are so important in the process because although you may not feel any pain, this does not mean there isn't a problem.

Checking and cleaning the mouth regularly with your Dentist and Hygienist can ensure that the infections are prevented or detected at earlier stages, meaning more inexpensive treatment and a much easier treatment plan.

Research is now proving a strong association between poor oral health and other chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pregnancy complications and Respiratory Disease.

Don't place your oral health low on the priority list. Invest in your teeth now to maintain your oral health, beautiful smile and overall total body health and wellness. Tumminia Dental are well versed in establishing and maintaining optimal oral health.

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